Be thankful

Be thankful …
1 Thessalonians 1:2
We always thank God for all of you …
Have you ever had one of those moments where you are just a little annoyed at someone?
Though this may not be good for my reputation I had such a moment last night! I had what could be described as an attack of grumpiness. I know I’m sure you can hardly believe it of me!
Then I read this verse ahead of this morning. Hmm!
So I did what Paul said he did. I decided to thank God for everyone I could think of. I thanked God even for the people who are reading this today, for you. After I had got through the thanking I had forgotten I was grumpy! It had worked!

As Paul thanked God for these Christians he remembered their faith, love and hope and what these traits had accomplished.

As Paul thanked God he remembered the past and his involvement with their lives.

As Paul thanked God he remembered what God did for and through the people.

Now I am hoping no one will be like I was. I hope you’re not grumpy today. But instead of whining about someone, thank God for them. In fact always thank God for them. See what happens …!

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