CHRIST our mystery!

CHRIST our mystery!
Colossians 4:3
The Apostle Paul uses this word often in his letters, but not as we do. We use it as something which is confusing and hard to understand.
For Paul however, he takes the word well known at the time as Greek mysteries which were hidden, secret truths, beliefs and practices within secret societies. The initiated persons are the only ones enlightened, everyone else is oblivious. Christ hidden, Christ secret, Christ unknown not to heaven but to earth. Yet now …! He is our mystery because we have been initiated and now we see.
So what do we do? v2-6
We pray for an open door.
We declare the gospel as clearly as we can.
We suffer for doing so.
We use wisdom.
We respond in grace
We do all this because others need to come in and know this mystery, this Christ!

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