The message hasn’t changed: Jesus is co

The message hasn’t changed: Jesus is coming soon.
Revelation 3:11

Let’s not leave this book to the experts and the scholars who try and interpret it for us. Let’s not be afraid of things we don’t understand. Let’s reclaim this book for our discipleship, for the church, to strengthen us as we suffer, to provoke us when we become complacent. So let me try and help, let me keep it simple and as we advance past the easy chapters (!) let us keep looking to Jesus because this letter is from Him, about Him and can only be understood through Him.
Remember He wants you to read this, hear it as if he wrote it today … I am coming soon,
Now some will argue well it’s been 1900 years since He said this and will live their Christian life not thinking of His return. Some churches never teach this.
Let’s look again at the verse.
Actually it is not only a statement but it is an instruction. Jesus is saying I want you to hold on to the faith, don’t let go because I am coming soon. Live in the light of my return.
For anyone facing imminent death or for any family members caring for someone who is, then life becomes even more precious than it already was. In this circumstance, every hand shake, every conversation, every smile and joke, every walk in the park, everything that possibly can happen in the shortened life becomes very special because soon it will be over. And it will be over, that is not a false expectation, that is truth. Some choose to live in denial, but the smart ones embrace the moment and seize their day.
Jesus said, live like this, in the bad days of your persecution and suffering and in the good days, don’t let go, hold on, it will be over soon because I am on my way.
Smell the flowers.
Look at the sunrise.
Help a stranger.
Love your neighbour.
Give to the poor.
Hold on.
“I am coming soon” – Jesus

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