Breakthroughs Revelation 4 There is lots

Revelation 4
There is lots said about breakthroughs. You can actually attend breakthrough conferences. Often breakthroughs are desired because we want more and we seem stuck to get that what we desire.
It’s a western problem or certainly a western-influential problem.
When you are suffering, struggling, persecuted, you do need a breakthrough but perhaps not the kind we think.
John, a disciple, son of Zebedee, the closest friend to Jesus. A Pastor and respected leader. It is about AD95 and he is on the island of Patmos, off the coast of Greece in order to prevent him leading the church.
He is not best placed to come into some divine revelation that would complete the canon of Scripture later, nor to get visions of heaven, of Jesus and His return.
He is persecuted, alone, in exile and rejected.
He doesn’t need a breakthrough on earth. He needs a breakthrough in heaven. He needs to see Jesus. He needs to see the throne of heaven.
How did he get his breakthrough?
1. He was looking expectantly. “You will find Him if you look for Him with all your heart and with all your soul.” Deut 4:29
2. He was ready to move, to change. “Come up here” v1. He was ready to climb? To make an effort.
3. He was in worship, this whole vision was whilst he was in worship, 1:10.
We need less earthly breakthroughs and more heavenly ones.
We need to see the door of heaven open.
We need to hear the rallying cry, the voice of God, like a war trumpet stirring us forward.
We need to see the big-ness of God. He is very big.
It is these last few things that we need more than anything. And if we got them then that would be indeed our breakthrough of all breakthroughs!

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