I’ve moved away from where I was. Ruth 1

I’ve moved away from where I was.
Ruth 1:1-5
Elimelech’s name means ‘My God is King’. But it doesn’t read well. God was not king in Elemelech’s life. He made a decision without consulting His God and King. His decision was based on what he could see in the physical and not the spiritual. His desire to provide for his family was at the expense of losing the blessing of God. That decision took him to Moab, there he made a further bad decision when he allowed his sons to marry Moabite woman. This was an abandoning of God and His land for the land and people of the enemy.
He could have chosen to walk by faith, to claim the promises of God and to obey His Word. In spite of what we see, how we feel, or what may happen, God is looking for us to live by faith, not by sight.
If only Elimelech had woken up at some point and said we’re here but we should be there. It is wise to ask yourself where you are and where you are going. Is where you are now on the way to where you should be? If not, then you must turn around. You must know ‘My God is King’ again. He is God over mishaps and He is God over lost time. He is God over my bad decisions. He will lead you back to the place you should be at.

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