I’ve been robbed Ruth 1:1-5 They had lef

I’ve been robbed
Ruth 1:1-5
They had left God’s place to escape death, but the three men met their death nevertheless. They had planned only to live for a while in Moab, but they remained ten years. At the end of those ten years, all that remained were three lonely widows. Everything else was gone.
The biggest problem is not the problems, but the problems of inside, the unbelieving and disobedient heart. That will cause us to lose so many things.
Naomi had lost two things:
Her husband and two sons had died before their time. They had years to live, certainly for the sons, but they were no more. It was just a dream that never came true.
Of most importance was the carrying on of the family name. How more devastating for Naomi is that not only has she lost three loved ones, there is no heir by which the names will be continued and the inheritance guaranteed.
She has lost her future. Naomi would have to come to the realisation that everything has gone because she moved away from God.
The Old Testament word for wisdom means sound judgement, discernment and the ability to see things in a right perspective.
The New Testament word for wisdom means the insight into deep things, an understanding, a spiritual intelligence and a full understanding.
Naomi would need the wisdom to determine that this has not been God’s best for her life and that she would need to do something about it. Ultimately that would be to return to Him, to the place she had come from.
What about us? Do we need discernment to know that what we have lost is a result of God’s will for our lives or whether it is the cause of some direct attack from the enemy, simply because we have walked away from the closeness of God.

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