Lessons from a girl with no name In the

Lessons from a girl with no name
In the next few days we are going to explore a very old story of a girl who was caught in a situation not of her own making but who grows from her place of discomfort to be very influential.
2 Kings 5: 1-14

1. My pain will never determine my purpose.
V2 the girl had pain from being taken from her family and friends. She had pain from being in a place that was not worshipping God. There was also the pain of not having a future.
This insignificant girl could have been overwhelmed by pain. Her pain could have determined how she lived. Pain can torment or it can teach.
What is your pain teaching you? What is the lesson?
Romans 5:3 “We know that suffering produces perseverance”.
What is your pain?
Before rejecting it, ask what can it teach me?
Never allow your pain to set your pace and plot your cause. Why?
Because there is no guarantee that your pain will leave you.
This story would have been nice if the king of Aram had returned some captives including the slave girl instead of giving a monetary gift. But she stays in her pain. She may never have left Damascus. Your pain may never leave you. So are you going to let it dictate to you how you live, think, speak, what you do?
Or while you are in the middle of this pain, will you let the pain teach you? Will you let it re-shape you in the image of Christ and be ready to fulfil your purpose?
Show me someone who has known real physical pain and they will either be a person who is embittered or who has been taught true empathy for others.
I can show you someone who has known emotional pain and I can also show you that person is more loving and more understanding.
The pain does not have to determine your purpose in life.

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