Lessons from a girl with no name Join us

Lessons from a girl with no name
Join us for a few days as we explore a very old story of a girl who was caught in a situation not of her own making but who grows from her place of discomfort to be very influential.
2 Kings 5: 1-14

2. My pain gives me the opportunity to serve people I would never have met, v2.
Why did Naaman’s wife listen to her? On being told what this slave girl had said, why did Naaman think it worth considering? How did this young Israelite girl become a trustworthy confidante?
It was because she was teachable in her painful circumstance.
Your response to pain will either be to shrivel up or to serve. How you respond is based upon how teachable you are.
Many of you will know the Peanuts cartoons full of Charlie Brown stories. One story has Charlie Brown at the beach building a magnificent sand castle. When he had completed it, he stands back and admires his masterpiece. Suddenly there is a down pour of rain and it flattens his brilliant structure. The last caption has Charlie Brown standing looking at levelled ground and saying, “There must be a lesson here, but I don’t know what it is.”
Nothing is ever pointless.
One of the questions so often asked is “Where is God in this pain and suffering?”
The question indicates the spiritual blindness of the person asking the question. God entered into this world as the suffering servant, born into a broken humanity, entered into sin yet sinless, took on death and brought resurrection life. Where is God? Open your eyes. Seek Him and you will find Him.
This pain seems like a curse that must be cast out! Whilst you must carry the faith to believe God can heal and deliver you from pain, you must also have wisdom to know that Jesus became the curse for us and His presence is so often at the centre of the gravest pain and suffering that you endure.
Will you shrivel or will you serve?

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