Lessons from a girl with no name The las

Lessons from a girl with no name
The last few days we have explored a very old story of a girl who was caught in a situation not of her own making but who grows from her place of discomfort to be very influential. This is the last lesson.
2 Kings 5: 1-14

3. My pain can influence a nation.
This girl, (probably no older than a teenager and experiencing her loss and grief of a family left behind) gives no indication of self-pity.
Like Joseph who knew that God intended it for good, Genesis 50:20 and the Apostle Paul “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose,” Romans 8: 28.
We have a choice. To either focus on the pain in how it inhibits or we see how the pain releases us to influence others.
This girl influences not only her mistress, but Naaman, his household, his King, the Syrian nation, King Jehoram and the Israelite nation.
She was God’s messenger and she influenced a nation. She would never have done that if she had not known pain.
How did this young girl begin to influence? The answer is by a single sentence of faith.
V3 If only ….
Jesus calls us the light of the world. We are light wherever we are. In the distress, pain and suffering we are the light, the influencer within darkness. You can change another person’s life. You can change the atmosphere of a room. You can influence to a level you would never have dreamed of. How? Because of your pain.
Are you teachable?
The hindrance to being taught is pain and yet the great lessons are held in pain.
Will pain torment or teach you?
Will you shrivel up or serve others?
Will pain inhibit or will it release you to influence?
The answer to those questions can be found in the answer to one question: are you teachable?

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