Lessons from a girl with no name We are

Lessons from a girl with no name
We are exploring a very old story of a girl who was caught in a situation not of her own making but who grows from her place of discomfort to be very influential.
2 Kings 5: 1-14

2b. My pain gives me the opportunity to serve people I would never have met, v2.
Will you shrivel or will you serve?
In her serving:
• The girl began to listen. She listened to the concerns and fears of her mistress. She heard about the brilliant man, how brave a soldier he was. She heard about his pain.
• The girl became involved. Some people die long before their death. They stop discovering. They no longer read, they don’t listen to music, they don’t look at nature, life is gone. Pain will give you the opportunity to engage yourself with people you have never met. When you do you will often get the opportunity to involve yourself in their life and maybe their world of pain. It happens because you are teachable.
• The girl served well. A poor employee is never listened to. To be teachable involves humility. Self-serving people never get out of their own way. They constantly stumble over themselves. They are locked into number 1. Every conversation they have is about their own pain. They are demanders of time, attention-seekers, they are high maintenance people. The greatest lesson in life that some never learn is only and always taught in pain and it is this: Life is never about you. Luke 22:26, “The greatest among you should be like the youngest and the one who rules like one who seeks.” Jesus said these words at his last meal with his disciples when pain was growing, he stooped down and began to wash feet. We should do the same.

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