He came and He got you. A child was play

He came and He got you.

A child was playing hide and seek with some other children. It was her turn to hide and that is what she did. But the other children were cruel. While she was hiding they ran away and left her behind.
When the little girl realised she had been abandoned by her friends, she ran home and threw herself into her father’s arms and cried, “Daddy, I was hiding and nobody tried to find me.”

In World War 2 during a time of trench battle, a lieutenant commanded his men to sneak across a field and attack the enemy. As the men obeyed and crawled across the field there was a blast of gunfire. They all ran back to their trenches as fast as they could. All except one soldier who was critically wounded on the field. The soldier cried out for his friend, George, to come and get him.
George in turn begged his lieutenant to allow him to go. After constant begging he was given permission with reluctance.
George crawled to his friend and pulled him to safety. He got his wounded friend back to the trench, but it was too late, he was dead. The lieutenant berated George, “Why did you risk your life? There was no point. You fool.”
George replied, “I was no fool. When I got to him he was still alive and the last words he said were, ‘George, I knew you’d come.”
That’s what a friend does.
That’s what Jesus has done.
In our despair and hopelessness He came.
In our hiding He came and found us.

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