But of course we know better … As Inte

But of course we know better …

As International Missions Director my biggest challenge is to persuade Christians to give £1 per week to the work of Elim Missions.

In Nigeria, my counterparts biggest challenge is to persuade Christians not to deny Christ at their death under the hands of Boko Haram.

Acts 1:8

If you are moved by this thought as I am then please do something by helping me to enlist as many Christians to the very small challenge of £1 per week. It certainly isn’t everything. But it is an indicator of if everything is too much.
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Sign up for the pound by pound
Ask 10 people to sign up with you.


Don’t let our wisdom keep us in our ivory towers of debate. Let us become foolish and lavish and generous. Wait a minute, delete that last sentence, it doesn’t apply, this is just a pound per week!
At this moment I cannot say too much but everyone knows what has been happening in the north of Nigeria with schoolchildren. We need to raise funds to continue our work which is reaching a new level of activity.
I need thousands and thousands of people to sign up to give £1 per week.
Recently an intercessor from India sent me a message of a vision she had. (She knows absolutely nothing about the pound by pound scheme as it hadn’t even been advertised when she received the vision). In the vision gold coins were slowly dropping from the sky but I hadn’t to be discouraged by the progress as they then speed up till the bag is overflowing.
So I know this is the right thing to do.

Let’s lay our lives down and give £1 a week. It doesn’t read right does it?!
Let’s give a £1 a week to help those who are laying their lives down. Neither does that!

Come on, we can do this. Surely we don’t know better!

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