Acts 1:25 “… to take over this aposto

Acts 1:25

“… to take over this apostolic ministry, which Judas left to go where he belongs.”

Yesterday I was walking through a shopping mall and a lady stopped me and persuaded me to buy some Dead Sea Salts for my skin! She said she thought I needed it! I said I’d been there and that 2 members of my staff were on there way to that beautiful nation right now. She was amazed I liked Israel. She said she has many people say horrible things when they know it is from Israel.
I said some people are just ignorant.
What I also believe is that some people just love to judge. They love to dismiss, discard, sentence others.
They talk like they are God. They are not.

Judas left to go where he belongs. And many have interpreted this as hell.
Judas is in hell right? He betrayed Jesus, he is now experiencing eternal condemnation right?
I don’t believe so.

Judas was chosen by Jesus, not the other way round. I actually believe that is crucial. I understand some don’t own that theology of salvation safety. So let’s move on.

Judas repented and confessed his sin proclaiming he innocence of Jesus (Matt 27:4). I actually believe that anyone and I mean anyone no matter how bad they are if they acknowledge their sin and confess it do find their salvation.

The third reason I don’t believe Judas is in hell is just simply based on the uncomfortableness I have of having an opinion on anyone’s eternal destination.

Don’t right anyone off, even if they are dead. No one really knows!

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