Acts 1:26 Then they cast lots, and the l

Acts 1:26

Then they cast lots, and the lot fell to Matthias; so he was added to the eleven apostles.

Can you imagine making one of the most important decisions and really trusting God to guide you by throwing the dice to see if the numbers come up?!

Isn’t it a good job we don’t follow this practice today. Mind you when I think of some decisions made sometimes I think a pair of dice might have been better used!

When I was growing up in our house was a promise box. A small wooden box of small scrolls with bible promises in them. Often when I was in need of a dream that my life would be great I would go to the box get the tweezers and pull out a promise. If I didn’t like it or didn’t understand it I would put it back and do the best of three routine.

So how do we get our heads around this that the apostles used dice to hear from God? Sounds a bit supernatural doesn’t it?

We do know they prayed and asked the Lord to show them.
We do know they talked together looking for the right candidate with the right experience.
We do know the dice were an Old Testament practice. The disciples resorted to this because this is all they knew at the time. They were days away from finding the supernatural voice of the Spirit speaking to them through the gifts.

I like the fact that they did turn to the Scriptural practice. In these days of the Spirit often people have become Word-less. There needs to be both. Let us make sure we don’t just have one or the other.

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