Acts 4: 14 “But since they could see th

Acts 4: 14

“But since they could see the man who had been healed standing there with them, there was nothing they could say.”

I get tired of the voice of opinion.
Everyone seems to like their own voice.
It doesn’t matter what it is they know best.
A friend recently told me that on inviting someone over for a meal that when it came to saying goodbye that person commented how they enjoyed it but that the food was a little over cooked. Why do that?
It is because people just seem to need to speak.
They need to write that email, they need to speak their mind on a matter. Everyone talking.
Today it will be the same.
Christmas Eve amongst the shops the noise will be deafening.
The atmosphere will be wonderful and in the middle of that people will be speaking and not all of it will be kind words.
In today’s verse we see that with the healed man standing there then there wasn’t anything the religious leaders could say. They could hardly say it’s not true.
The impact of the Church silenced the world.
May that forever be.
And may the presence of Christ be in your life, so that the gospel of the Christ-child may silence your world so that there be nothing that can be said. His presence and power be enough.

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