Withdraw: Acts 4: 15 “So they ordered t

Withdraw: Acts 4: 15

“So they ordered them to withdraw from the Sanhedrin and then conferred together.”

Happy Christmas everyone who gets a spare minute today to read this devotional blog.
The verse isn’t obviously a Christmassy verse but it may well help us today of all days!
The Sanhedrin was a Supreme Court of 70 men and the high priest. They were the highest Jewish court and were the only ones who could try a King and they were the ones with final authority of the Jewish law. It was the Sanhedrin who forced the trial of Jesus and handed Him over to the Romans for crucifixion.
Peter and John were ordered to withdraw from the Sanhedrin.
My simple message on this Christmas Day is this: no matter how busy it maybe for you today please find time to withdraw from the Sanhedrin.
You may have spent the whole year worrying about your future, you may feel it is out of your hands and left to the decisions of others. You may be waiting for hospital tests. The inevitable may seem inevitable and you are battling doubt. You may know this year the damaging effect of intimidation. Man may have ruled you with an iron fist this year or maybe even a manipulative one. Today you can withdraw.
Come away from those experiences and come to the Incarnate Son of God, to Jesus. He knows what the Sanhedrin can do, they did it to him. But he conquered. He came back and so can you. Even if you know there is much conferring going on about you, still withdraw.
Come away. It’s an order. You may feel the order has come from your enemy but it has come from your God.
Today rest in Him. Your future is in Him. He has you. He came for you. Withdraw into Him.

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