Facing the big man Acts 5: 27 “Having b

Facing the big man
Acts 5: 27

“Having brought the apostles, they made them appear before the Sanhedrin to be questioned by the high priest.”

You are in a move of the Holy Spirit, things are taking place, real definite non-flaky stuff. Healings, salvations and very strange things that would clearly indicate that God was within the Church doing very powerful things.
Then you are brought before the rule book and the group that forcibly carry out the rule book, the Sanhedrin.
Seventy people plus the High Priest formed this group. This is a large formidable group to face its scrutiny.
They had the last word. You didn’t have it.
Within the group there were people called the Pharisees, they were incredibly popular with the people and this gave them further confidence bordering on the arrogance.
They met in what has been described as a great basilica near the temple.
Everything about this experience was nerve-wracking.
Rules are meant to control and bring into line.
There are times when the Holy Spirit breaks every rule of man.

You may be facing such threats today.
You may be facing the ruling bodies.
You may be going before a council who will determine your future.
Your life is in their hands.
You like these apostles are going to be questioned by the big man in charge, the high priest.
But hold on, you actually are serving the real High Priest, so do not fear, do not cower, Jesus is really the big man!

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