There are no short cuts. Acts 6:4 “…and

There are no short cuts.
Acts 6:4
“…and will give our attention to prayer and the ministry of the word”
Near where I used to live is what used to be a church which has now been converted into offices. In the grounds is a very small brick building, almost like an outhouse. It was the study of John Nelson, the most successful and famous of John Wesleys lay assistants and the pioneer of Methodism in Yorkshire.
That study is still there today despite being over 300 years old.
It is empty. So are many other studies of church leaders in 2016.
Studies have become offices. Prayer with the One has become social media to the all.
How much time is your leader spending in prayer and the preparation for preaching?
Before you complain, then perhaps it would be good to ask yourself: “is it because I am contributing to their many distractions?” It takes a strong leader to find a solution so that it protects the study and the quiet place with God. Many who have fallen for the drug of the Messiah complex roam their Churches and communities ready and waiting to fly into action like Superman. Anything but reading, Everyone but the One, that is the usual unspoken motto.
You see Churches today are needing strategists, problem solvers, business executives, high ranking managers, visionaries, movers and shakers. People are following transactional leaders, democratic leaders, charismatic leaders, introverted leaders, transformational leaders, authoritarian leaders, delegative leader and of course coaches and mentors. So leaders go on the net, get a book or go conference-hopping to be that very person that everyone is dreaming of. Not many are praying and preparing.
So are we surprised with what we have to show?
Encourage your leader today to find time with God. If you are that leader, get back into the study.

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