This is that Acts 7:37 “This is that Mo

This is that

Acts 7:37
“This is that Moses who told the Israelites, ‘God will send you a prophet like me from your own people.’

‘This is that’ is a phrase which has been used by Luke before. He quotes Peter’s sermon in Acts 2:16 who was using the prophecy of Joel to explain the Spirits coming. This present outpouring is that what was promised.

But now he uses it again and this time it the defence of Stephen who uses the story of Moses. The Moses that did all those things in their history was the same Moses who prophesied the Messiah to come. This is that.

Moses had become an object of worship for them and Stephen was saying that even this great man was just a forerunner of who was to come.
This Moses is that Moses who spoke of now.

Your history spoke of the future, we are in that future, this present generation, the Jesus generation. That is what Stephen was saying.
I’m a firm believer in honouring the past but not worshipping it.
The generation that have gone before us experienced God but they also prayed for more, the more that we are now experiencing.
Isn’t that an amazing thought?
The stories of the past can sometimes loom over us and we can feel overshadowed by their brilliance. However let us not be intimidated for the past stories also spoke of the hope and the presence of God that we are experiencing in our story.
You may feel the great days of your church have now gone but they contained prayers of greater days to come. Days that you are in now.

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