Living words Acts 7:38 “He was in the a

Living words

Acts 7:38
“He was in the assembly in the desert, with the angel who spoke to him on Mount Sinai, and with our fathers; and he received living words to pass on to us.”

Living words are what we need.
Words that don’t manipulate or groom or destroy a reputation or bring to shame through exposure. We all are familiar with words of death. They come out of the mouths of many outside and unfortunately inside the church too.

Give me living words.
Living words are carved out of desert experiences, tried and tested.
Living words are found at the feet of the mountain experiences of instruction and guidance, coming with purposes and direction.
Living words are passed down from our fathers, they are filtered through and remain because they cannot die.
Living words are received.
Living words are for passing on to others.

Be seekers of living words today. Watch what comes from your mouth, will this bring life?

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