The networking God

The networking God

Acts 9:12
“In a vision he has seen a man named Ananias come and place his hands on him to restore his sight.”

Can you imagine being the star player in the vision of another person?
God is the God of set-ups.
He speaks to the sinner about the saint and then goes to the saint and tells them what He has said to the sinner!
He connects individuals together, getting people to cross each other’s paths. He makes things happen. He is a networker. You see God could have just healed Saul supernaturally. He didn’t need Ananias. He wanted Ananias. He wanted to show Saul that a disciple in Damascus that would have been persecuted by him if he had not been knocked down, was actually now the vehicle for his healing.
You don’t know who is thinking about you right now.
You don’t know who may be talking about you or even dreaming of you.
You may be in someone’s vision and you don’t realise it.
But God knows.
You have a part to play on this earth for the salvation of many.
Are you within the networking of God. Are you ready?

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