No fear

Acts 9:13
“Lord,” Ananias answered, “I have heard many reports about this man and all the harm he has done to your saints in Jerusalem.

Today my son gets married. It doesn’t feel 2 minutes since he was being born. Where has 23 years gone and how did it go by so quickly?! I get the joy of conducting the wedding ceremony as I have done for 2 other ‘adopted’ sons of mine.
This morning I will do what I have done for the other 2 on their wedding day, I will text my son a message of fatherly blessing and prophetic encouragement.
I will be inspired by the verse we are reading this morning, though perhaps a little strange to use for a wedding day message (however we are in a bible plan with no deviation!).
This is what I will tell him and this is what I want you reader to hear also today.
“Son, in this life you will hear many voices. There will be many things that disturb you, annoy you and will cause you to divert your path away rather than through that season of life. Above all fear no man. Fear no reputation, fear no threats and fear no reality. Do not be trapped by the fear of any man created circumstance. But choose to call Jesus your Lord and fear Him. Be in awe of Him. He has final authority over everything. Nothing is above Him. Calling Him Lord means you have to always say YES to Him and NO to man.”
“Lord I have heard many fearful things but I say YES to you.”

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