Are we really hungry?

Are we really hungry?

Acts 10:12
“It contained all kinds of four-footed animals, as well as reptiles of the earth and birds of the air.”

So here is a hungry man waiting for a meal to be prepared having a vision from God. From heaven comes a banquet of food. Perfect!
God will match your appetite. Peter is hungry and God has given what he longs for. Except ….
Ever been hungry and what is presented to you doesn’t look like food? The joys of missions!
There’s other kinds of hunger. Some people are hungry to be used of God. They want God to open doors for them. They want to see the world won for Jesus. Then when God says YES I will use you. When doors open what comes could be what they never expected. “God you don’t want me to do that, to go there, to speak to them?!’ Actually a prayer is not used, to ignore is the most common response or they see it as a move of the devil not God.
Now we understand a little of what hungry Peter is experiencing. Everything was on that blanket, even food that should never be eaten, Peter could quote Scriptures to prove it. This could not be God, but it was, this was God. God is confusing? NO, we are just locked in to prejudices, presumptions and preconditions. We need unlocking for what God wants to do with us.

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