The offensive God

The offensive God

Acts 10:13

Then a voice told him, “Get up, Peter. Kill and eat.”

This voice came from within the trance. Hearing the voice of God is a lifetime of discovery. Some hear God every single day and for others not so. Some hear him speaking audibly with no trouble at all and some have never done so. However you think about that, what is true, is that a Christ follower knows (certainly at strategic times of their life) that God has told them something significant. It may come in various forms and places but what is constant is that they know. They know they have been told.

Without being cynical I have heard a lot of testimonies in my life from people ‘hearing a voice’ which has been for some prospering of their life. They are going to have a greater, bigger, better future. It is wonderful! Who knows how accurate their experience was, but they for a season were filled with hope.
I have not heard many testimonies from people where the voice has told them to do something that is counter cultural, or that is against their norm. Or that is quite frankly, offensive.

“Peter get up from your knees (presumably) and satisfy your hunger by killing and eating everything before you, yes, even the non-kosher food!” That was the voice. How could this be God?
But it was and Peter knew it was.

Never say, “God would never say that or do that”, how do you know?!!

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