Under the same roof

Under the same roof

Acts 10:23
“Then Peter invited the men into the house to be his guests.
The next day Peter started out with them, and some of the brothers from Joppa went along.”

A lot can happen during hospitality. Purposes for the visit can be laid out. Stories can be shared. Prejudices can be broken down forever. “People are better for knowing” as we say.
Peter invited the men into the house. A Jew and 3 Gentiles share a night together.
I am at the airport in Harare this morning, the last 2 days has been incredible. We hosted an Elim Global conference for East, Central and South Africa where 54 leaders gathered. During the registration we had a wife of a Pastor come that we were not expecting which resulted in making the room allocations very difficult indeed. The only thing we could do was to put a group of men together in one room. this may have been fine except 8 years ago these Pastors divided producing 2 denominations from the one. Much hurt was experienced by both sides at that time. Here we were putting these key leaders of the split together under one roof for 3 days. Anything could have happened!! Something amazing did happen.
They began to share their lives, they laughed a lot and instead of differences they found commonalities. It was difficult to see the split. The next day I had the privilege of bringing both sides together officially and their 2 senior leaders reconciled. Where did it begin? It began under one roof.
A lot can happen within hospitality.

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