Acts 10: 24
“The following day he arrived in Caesarea. Cornelius was expecting them and had called together his relatives and close friends.”

Cornelius was expecting them. How? It must have been sheer faith in God to call Peter through his own call for him to come.
Are you expectant? Are you waiting in faith?
Today there is a wonderful Pastor and his wife that I know waiting in faith for their child to recover from a terrible accident. This can be replicated throughout the world. We know that kind of tension.
What are you expectant for today?
Cornelius called people into his home in preparation for his guest to come. His household was full and expectant.
I have a missionary who teaches church planters to call whole households together for discovery of the Bible. He has planted many churches through this model.
You may be ready and waiting but can you inspire your family and friends to also be expectant?
Some families are hoping for a lottery win, the big break.
Some families are just hoping to make it through e day.
Some families are hoping for bread on the table.
But to live with expectancy is something else.
I have a staff member who is expecting her first child. We are all expecting the baby because we can see her body grow!
it is easy to be expectant when you can see. But what if you cannot see? There are times when we are so compelled with expectancy that it can only be described as a gift of knowledge given to us, we are graciously permitted to know what is going to happen within the will of God.
John Maximovich was called to give a final communion to a dying man in a Shanghai hospital. But on his arrival he stopped to talk to a healthy, active young man, getting ready to be discharged. john gave him the communion there and then. The young man confessed his sins and took communion. Later when questioned why he had given the communion to the healthy young man and not the dying man, John replied, “he will die tonight and the seriously ill man will live many years.” And that is what happened.
Cornelius heard from God. That was the most important thing, he then acted on that word. He sent his servants. He called for Peter knowing he would come. He filled his house with people knowing he would come. He was expectant.
Yesterday I met Pastor John and took a picture of him outside his new church building. The opening service is in a weeks time.
He has been called to plant a church.
He is expecting he will have a church.
He has a building He has cleared the land. He has painted the inside. He has chairs ready. He is inviting the community to the opening. He is expecting a church!
What are you expectant for today?

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