The whomsoever

The whomsoever

Acts 10: 43
“All the prophets testify about him that everyone who believes in him receives forgiveness of sins through his name.”

Whomsoever, the everyone and anyone, whoever believes in Jesus. That is the criteria for forgiveness.
Wherever we are, whatever situation we are in and whoever we have become, believe in Jesus who is the forgiver and you will be forgiven.
That is our message. No strings attached. No hoops to jump through. No rules to keep. Nothing of ourselves. All of Him.
Only believe,
Only believe
All things are possible
Only believe

I first sang that sing as a boy coming into the realisation of Jesus my Saviour. I have needed that song through my life.
Forgiveness is not found in who you are nor in what you can do, it is found in Him, in Christ.

A friend posted on Facebook yesterday: “The first three people who started following Jesus as recorded in Acts: a sorcerer, a eunuch and a hit-man. Hardly a parade of the eligible and worthy, is it? But that’s the point: none of us is.”

We are what Brennan Manning coins ‘ragamuffins’ believing in a ‘ragamuffin gospel’!

We are the whomsoever. He is the One.

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