Word and Spirit

Acts 10:44
“While Peter was still speaking these words, the Holy Spirit came on all who heard the message”

He just came on them. No special prayer. No appeal. Just while Peter was speaking about Jesus, the Spirit came. He interrupted Peter and Peter was content to be so. The partnership of the Word and the Spirit.
In the West you don’t have to be an expert to realise that the Spirit falling in such a way as with this Italian family is not common. We have prayed for revival. We have discussed why we are not seeing the miracles and signs that we have so desired. But heaven is brassy, there isn’t much falling on us. However maybe our lack of desire for the Word has contributed to this barrenness. You see, the pulpit has been replaced with the stage. The pulpit used to be centre in church buildings but now it is transportable being moved to the side or even removed altogether. That is fine and we mustn’t become transfixed on a piece of wood. Yet removing the pulpit is perhaps indicative of the removal of the preacher. Preachers only preach once a month these days. Even once a month what they preach is dull and boring. What do they do all week? Well, it’s not preparing to preach.
There is a famine for the Word of God. God’s people are not reading or hearing the Scriptures. The Bible is lying dusty on the shelves.

Before Oral Roberts’ departure to heaven, he was stirred by a vision from the Lord and emphatically stated, “We’ve got to get back to preaching the cross with fire in our bellies!” Men of old and past giants of the faith knew something about this. They saw the Spirit fall because they were not afraid to speak the Word. It’s not complicated.

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