Acts 10:48
“So he ordered that they be baptised in the name of Jesus Christ. Then they asked Peter to stay with them for a few days.”

Presumably Peter said yes!
He had found a home where he had experienced the presence of God in a startling new way. The people were hungry for more of God. These were new disciples eager to spend more time with Peter, they had questions, they had open hearts and minds keen to learn. They had built up such a good bond with Peter that hey felt they could persuade him to stay. They wanted his company.
What a blessing this was to Peter!
Do you have a place like that?
I have a place where I enjoy going. The couple in this home pray for me. When I go, there are chocolates and liquorice allsorts next to my bed, they know what I like! There is a magazine on my bed. Towels are ready. But what I enjoy the most is the conversations we have, inspiring, influencing always affirming. God is there. They always ask when will I be able to go again.
This is a huge blessing to me! And of course I look forward to going there.
We all should have a place like that.
But we all should prepare a place like that for someone else. Open your home today, think who you can invite to stay, even for a few days.
God does amazing things in homes!
A quick look at the gospels show us that Jesus visited the house of Peter, Matthew, Simon the Pharisee, Jairus, Martha and Lazarus, to name a few. He stayed in homes, he performed miracles in homes, he relaxed and laughed in homes. He was at home in a home!
Invite Jesus to use your home today.

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