Acts 11: 1

“The apostles and the brothers throughout Judea heard that the Gentiles also had received the word of God.”

The sent ones (the meaning of the word apostles) heard that the gospel was being spread further afield.
How strange that the sent ones were hearing of what was happening ahead of them!
You see, just because you are called sent, doesn’t mean you have gone.
Just because you are a brother (in Christ) doesn’t mean you will reach out in love to those you are a brother to.
Just because you are a little Christ (the meaning of the word Christian) doesn’t mean you will behave, look, speak, think like Christ.
Better not to have a title than to take the title but not do what it says you should do.
Preachers not preparing well enough to preach.
Pastors not caring enough to care.
Missionaries who have forgotten they are on mission.
Members not committed to what they are a member of.
With titles come expectations but there also comes lethargy which needs to be defeated.
Let’s allow our titles to kickstart us into action!

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