Take someone with you

Take someone with you

Acts 11:12
“The Spirit told me to have no hesitation about going with them. These six brothers also went with me, and we entered the man’s house.”

We should take people with us. We go alone to the cross and we cross over to eternity alone. However, every other journey shouldn’t be alone. It doesn’t matter whether you are widowed, divorced, or have never married, you are not meant to do this life alone.
You can take someone with you. It might be a niece or nephew, a neighbour or friend, a peer or trainee, young or old, always find someone.
I am thankful for the young people that have always accompanied me on a journey in life. Of course my very own 2 special children who are priceless and great friends along this amazing path. But also young people in the churches I’ve led and now those who are missionary apprentices. I love it all.
Whatever and whoever they are you can take someone with you.
Peter took 6 men with him.
So what did they have to agree to?
They had to believe that:
1. The Spirit had spoken. People want to fall behind the Voice from heaven.
2. Peter was worth following. They went with ‘me’. They saw in Peter something valuable. With Peter they would always have an exciting life!
3. They were open for change. They would enter into this mans house with Peter. They were willing to enter into an experience they would never have had before. They were not resistant to change.

So ….
1. Carry the purpose, the cause, the vision in your heart whatever that is.
2. Believe in you. Be sure. Be strengthened. Be a person people want to be with, likeable, sociable, loving and gracious. Work on the ‘you’ so that you can say, ‘they came with me’.
3. Let the journey not just be easy but make it challenging. Make it difficult. Taking people with you is to see God transform them.

Go on …
Take someone with you.

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