Angelic work 

Angelic work
Acts 11: 13

“He told us how he had seen an angel appear in his house and say, ‘Send to Joppa for Simon who is called Peter.”
It was an angel. He was awake and was suddenly aware that there was a being, a figure which mysteriously appeared in his home.

Here’s some thoughts:
The angel appeared to a believer in God who was not yet saved.

– I hear continually of a supernatural God appearing as Christ or by sending angels to devout Muslims seeking Allah. We need to pray for an increase of those searching after Him. 
He knew it was an angel. 

– If it had been Christ there would have been no need for Peter. Cornelius would have been saved there and then. But this event was not just about Cornelius but also that of saving Peter from his prejudice. 
The angel appears in his home.

– God isn’t restricted to cathedrals and fine church buildings. He works in homes. In fact probably more in homes than buildings. There’s an obvious thought there!
The angel went into the place where the church would not go.

– There was no way the early church would go into this gentile home. The church wants the world to come to them. They pray them in every weekly prayer meeting. They don’t come in. Some prayer meetings need to be stopped. Why should they come in to our strange houses of prayer when we wont try to get into the houses of strangers with acts of love and kindness?
The angel has a message from God: send!

– It seems to be His number one message. This is mission. God wants His church moving. He wants His leaders moving. Get Peter moving. That’s the message. God is still crying out through the world, (‘creation groans’ we are told in Romans) the world needs you to go to it. Whether that is your next door neighbour or the local community or the nations of the world. 
My prayer: God send more angels for the church seems stuck in some quarters. 

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