Derren Brown proves what we already know

Derren Brown proves what we already know!
Acts 11:21

“The Lord’s hand was with them, and a great number of people believed and turned to the Lord.”
Fevers leave when the Lord’s hand is with us. Matthew 8:15

Dead girls rise when the Lord’s hand stretches out. Matthew 9:25

Failing sea-walkers are rescued by the reach of the Lord’s hand. Matthew 14:31

And we could go on ….

Is the Lord’s hand with us?

If it is then things happen.

You don’t need the Lord’s hand to draw a crowd.

Nor to have a church service enjoyed by all.

You don’t need the Lord’s hand to manipulate and entertain.

You can have many committee meetings and other type of meetings titling them whatever you want. You can have these without the Lord’s hand.

You don’t need the Lord’s hand for prayer meetings asking God to move His hand.

You don’t need the Lord’s hand to plan all that is going to happen in the Church.

But now stay with me. You don’t need the Lord’s hand for fevers to leave, for healings and miracles.

Last night I switched off the channel I was watching because I couldn’t watch it anymore. Derren Brown mimicking healing by showing how he could heal people through manipulation or magic. Why? To prove that the Church isn’t using divine healing but manipulated healing. He successfully demonstrated his point. People were healed and they testified and he thanked the Holy Spirit having asked the Father to help him, his prayers said in mimicry. What did he prove? Nothing that we who believe in divine healing don’t already accept.

There has been in the world since day one of the Church and before its birth, healers who received their powers from a variety of ways. They healed through the demonic, through manipulation and also through the Lord’s hand. These ways are found in the Church and outside the Church. His form of atheism proved that manipulation can work. But we already know this. I could take him to the witchdoctors of Africa and Asia who could outdo his shows ten times over. But those of us who believe in the Lord’s hand know that people can be healed from witchdoctors.

So what am I saying? Look at the verse before us today.

You don’t need the Lord’s hand for healings, resurrections and rescues but you do need the Lord’s hand to see people turn to the Lord. Only his hand does this. No demonic or manipulation can bring people to the Lord.

And where is the Lord’s hand? 

It is with those who GO. Jesus promised to be with those who say YES to the Great Commission. If you GO I will be with you. The Lord’s hand is with them who go for the sole and most important purpose of seeing people turn to Him. Derren Browns show can heal, so can the witchdoctors, but no show on earth can bring people into a relationship with Jesus. Only the Lord’s hand can do this!

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