Acts 14:8

“In Lystra there sat a man who was lame. He had been that way from birth and had never walked.”

Some people have never moved. Everyone around them are going places, advancing into new destinies, meeting new people and having fresh experiences, some just sit by the wayside.

They are trapped, locked-in, unable to move or maybe they don’t even know how to move even if they were able. The years pass by more slowly than the crowds of people who have gone on their way to brighter futures. The child has grown. He is a man now. But some things never change.

Some people have what they need but they cannot use what they have. It is not that they have used it and it has become broken but that it has never been used. Is it worse that everything appears to be there but it really isn’t than if the nothing had no appearance of existence at all?

The name of the city is mentioned but not the name of the man. Lystra was at that time of Paul a Roman colony. It was a place of enlightenment and education. This man had a name but most knew him as lame. Some people are characterised by their condition. For them there is no great enlightenment, no revelation, no inspiration, no new learning and no development of the mind. Their condition wins every time.


Some days it is more valuable to not try and have all the answers and not try to fix people’s problems. It is better to not walk by. It is better to pay attention to their story. True value may lay with the pain of a question mark because you have bothered enough to notice.


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