Acts 14:7 “… where they continued to preach the gospel.”

Go on, continue!

You may have received a refusal and not just one, but you can continue.

People may have stirred malicious lies against you, whisperings of your name may have spread, but you can continue.

In 1995 I made a phone-call to an acquaintance who has become a very close friend. He was on the scrap-heap of life, dumped there by people he trusted, there was no hope. I said to him, ‘Go on, continue’ and I helped him do just that. 22 years later that man is continuing today.

You may be battle-weary, tired from doing so much good yet receiving so much bad, but you can continue.

In 2001 I received a phone-call from someone who had been on my staff but I had removed him. His voice echoed in the recesses of my mind for a long time afterwards as he said “I will bring you down” and he had a very good go at it! But I found I could continue!

Your circumstances may threaten you, vivid pictures of your demise may be ever before you, but you can continue.

You may have had to flee, to take a step back, to come out of the line of fire for a while, but you can continue.

In 2012, I walked out of a hospice having journeyed through the valley of the shadow of death with a loved member of my church who died far too young. Standing in the hospice car park with tears in my eyes I announced to God I was finished, it was over. He graciously told me to shut up and I found I could continue.

Every year of my life not just the 3 years I mention I have learnt one over-riding important lessons, I can continue.

You see when one door comes crashing in on you another door beautifully opens up and you realise that no matter what comes against us, we can continue! Amen!


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