Who do you have with you?

Who do you have?

Acts 14:20 “But after the disciples had gathered around him, he got up and went back into the city. The next day he and Barnabas left for Derbe”.

Most probably unconscious and certainly looking like he was dead or near death, Paul was dragged out of the city and dumped there. In the minds of the Jewish crowd Paul was finished, his mouth shut for good, his missionary journey ended, he was dead. That’s what the enemy loves to do with people. His plan is to do that for you.

Can you imagine what would have happened if Paul was on his own? Of course, he would have died. There are times when you have to walk a journey alone, there is no other way. If you are a leader of people then you understand the loneliness of that position at times. As we continue in our discipleship then sometimes there is no Simon to carry our cross. But these are exceptions to the rule. The rule is do not be alone, it is not good to be alone is still the ancient principle. Do not do life alone and there is no need. Embrace the people around you. Bring them onto your team of life. If one friend has to walk away from you for whatever reason then find another friend to replace them.

By the early 2000’s I had built a Pastoral team of 3 plus an exciting leadership team. The 3 of us complimented each other with strengths and weaknesses, our team days were fun, we were on a journey together, raising the bar on each other, I was happy! Then within only a few years the team unravelled as one of them left to lead their own church which I fully supported and was really pleased. The other ventured into a whole new ministry and moved back to their home and family which I was again excited for and supported. I believed I had played a part in both their journeys and felt privileged to have done so. But I was devastated too. I really was. I missed them so much. Team days are not so much fun with one! Staff Christmas parties became a quiet reflective time!

I actually remember a prayer I prayed which said something like, “Lord that’s it. I will do this on my own now. I am not investing in any more team!” It is so good that at times God doesn’t listen to us!

Within a year I began building a team again. Why? Because that is what we all should do. We need people around us.

Paul built a team. They were with him at his worst hour. They gathered around him and a miracle took place. Some people are needing miracles today but the need for people to be with them, the need to share with someone, to have their burden carried by another is the greatest need. Everyone can rise again. If you are dumped to one side, left for dead, then you can get up and go again just like Paul did. One day you can have devastation, then your Saturday morning can come and you are all alone, but I still continue and need to believe in the next day. Maybe you like me are waiting for the next day. Friends with people around you, the next day does come.

This is what I have learnt and am still learning:-

To those who once walked in the promises of their God but now wallow in self-pity, bitterness and hurt – YOU CAN RISE AGAIN.

To those who have long since given up the fight, their armour and weapons of war are stored up with dust, their youthful passion for souls and their energy to give up all for one soul to find Jesus is now a faint dream, hear the wake-up call – YOU CAN RISE AGAIN.

To those who couldn’t hold on any longer, something had to give, you gave away your destiny, you broke up your potential, you ruined your desires and were ruined by new ones. You can regain your footing, it’s time to walk – YOU CAN RISE AGAIN.

To those who came under a stronghold that so gripped their life it paralysed them. An area of your life is now not functioning like it used to, you feel a lesser man, as a woman you feel your beauty has been taken, you are tarnished, you are stained and impure. But listen – get up – YOU CAN RISE AGAIN.

It may be that for the shouting it’s all over, your faith is dead, your anointing is dead, that relationship is dead, you cannot pretend anymore, you have got to be realistic and say ‘It’s over’. It’s never over till the Master has touched you and called you to get up. YOU CAN RISE AGAIN.

How? Let people back in to your life. Be in a community. Find team. Go to your intercessors. Unburden. Let people carry you. Do not be alone.


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