The return

The return

Acts 14:21 “They preached the gospel in that city and won a large number of disciples. Then they returned to Lystra, Iconium and Antioch.”

How incredible it is to read that Paul and his team returned to those 3 cities they had so much trouble in. It proves their love for the people and the desire that the people come to know Jesus.

My son who is 23yrs old plays tennis and though I have tried my hardest with prayer and fasting I have never won one match against him since he was 15yrs old. It is a shameful fact for a father! The reason being is simply he has the power to return the ball better than I have. There are other reasons like he can run faster but let us not go down the slippery slope of despair. To play the game of tennis it is all about whether or not you can return the ball over the net. It doesn’t matter what has happened if you want to stay in this game you had better return that ball.

The Christian life is all about your attitude of returning to the place God has called you for. What has been served in this life to you may have led to defeat or disappointment but those experiences have no hold over you if you can still decide to return.

My close friend of over 30 years has made a return this last year. It was very difficult for him to do so. A failed marriage, broken promises, rejection, loneliness and a dry wilderness experience gripped him in a place he was never meant to be in. I remember taking him for a meal 18 months ago and I did my best to bring him back to where he should be but all I saw was a man who was ‘stuck in a moment and you can’t get out of it’ (happily quoting a U2 song!). However, 12 months on, he has made a full return. I am astonished at the favour of God on his life. It is amazing what can happen if a person finds the resolve to return.

Maybe today you have to return.

A return to trusting God for your situation.

A return to childlike faith again.

Promises and hopes may be lost – blessings, ministries, miracles, testimonies that belong to you. You can find them again. Maybe some were fantasy – but some were given by God, you made note of them. Get after them again, pray for them again.

Decide you won’t waste another day. Realise that what you do today has far reaching consequences for your tomorrow. Whatever you pursue today, tomorrow you will find.

I believe everyone can return to the place the enemy removed them from.

But I believe it takes 2 things: resolve and love. A passion not to be counted out and a desire for people.

Go on, get it over the net today.




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