God changes us not man

God changes us not man

Acts 15:17 “that the rest of mankind may seek the Lord, even all the Gentiles who bear my name, says the Lord, who does these things”

James is quoting Amos to defend his position that circumcision is not needed for salvation.

Amos generations ago said this new work of God would happen, the work of salvation for the Gentiles. More importantly there is no mention that the Gentiles have to change to become Jews, they remain Gentiles bearing the name of God.

Isn’t that amazing?! No man will change people who belong to me says God. God does the changing not man.

An eternal lesson that is still appropriate even for us Gentiles in our generation. Demanding people who are saved by God to change in order to be accepted into the church or into our clique is the same problem that James was having. So put the list of rules away and let us all follow the Spirit and let God bring about the change not anyone else. Amen?

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