He has known

He has known

Acts 15:18

“…things known from long ago.”

James is quoting Amos in the defence of the gospel being given to the Gentiles. In 5 words he reminds us that God has known about the Gentiles and what He would do a long time ago.

We serve and worship a God who has known from long ago.

What has He known?


All His works! James sees that Amos proves that all the things God does were planned by Him a long time ago. The conversion of the Gentiles wasn’t some new thing. It had been thought of and then spoken of by God throughout the prophetic periods of time.

The new thing that is taking place in your life, which you may enjoy or maybe stretching you, God knew.

As I embark on what seems to be the greatest challenge of my life I rest assured in His unfailing grace and His predetermined plan for my life. This challenge He ordained before I was born. The same is true for you.

If there is any comfort I can bring to you today it is this, He has known. If He has known then He also knows how it will turn out. If He knows how it will turn out it means He will be there on results day, on the judgment day, on assessment day or whatever day you face ahead of you.

For me it is enough He has known what is happening now and what will happen tomorrow and that Him being there for me is all that I need, whatever the outcome.


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