Some people …

Some people …

Acts 15:24  We have heard that some went out from us without our authorization and disturbed you, troubling your minds by what they said.”

So the letter is read out to the Gentile believers from the Jerusalem apostles and elders.

What is not clear is whether some leaders had left the Jerusalem church to visit Antioch in secret and they did it with their Pharisaic spirit or that they in fact were sent by Jerusalem but they overstepped their remit and began to bring their rules that had never been laid out by Jerusalem.

Some people have a personal campaign, an untested and unchallenged voice. They are the lone rangers of the church.

Some people can be within a gracious Church but come out as law enforcers. Being within grace doesn’t mean grace is within you.

Some people speak with authority without being under authority.

Some people when they speak disturb and steal peace and think this is what God does to His children.

Some people go further and do more than what was expected or asked of them. They may have an entrepreneurial passion and belief and be willing to take risks to make it happen. But breaking from the whole doesn’t mean they are right.

Some people are just some and not everyone. It can be fixed.


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