Will you ?

Will you?

Acts 15:25 “So we all agreed to choose some men and send them to you with our dear friends Barnabas and Paul.”

Some men were chosen. These were the believers in verse 2 who were appointed to go with Paul and Barnabas. They were part of the team to go and challenge the circumcision law makers.

Men chose men. Forget the gender that is not my point. My point is that these men were chosen by God surely? Yes. But they were chosen by men.

I recently was discussing with an overseas friend about their possible ordination. They were battling because they said they didn’t need man to ordain them, God ordained them. I was able to share with them that ordination is connected to their credibility because others know the person has been tried and tested. These men from Jerusalem would never have been received by Antioch if they had not been sent by the Jerusalem church.

You see, it is a positive thing to be chosen by others for a task.

For man to see in you something that can be used.

For others to recognise gifts and skills suitable for the task.

You don’t need to wait for God to ordain you or commission you or be the One who solely uses you. It can be simply your Pastor, leader, mentor and friend who says, ‘will you?’ It is okay to say ‘YES’ to that. You don’t need some divine revelation from God that it is God leading you.

So today if you get asked to do something and you want to do it then do it!



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