ACTS 15:26  “men who have risked their lives for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ”.

The letter continues to the Antioch believers from the Jerusalem church continues. “We sent you chosen men to deal with this circumcision issue. These were not just men they were men who had risked their lives for carrying the name of Jesus as the Lord of their life.”

We must listen to those who have given up everything for Jesus.

Like the Imam in one of our Elim nations who recently lost his wife, children and his cows on his conversion. We need an audience with him.


We must listen to those who do not play it safe because they want comfort for their lives.

Like our church planters in the Himalayas who through the use of helicopters and trekking the dangerous mountain areas bring the gospel to those who have never heard.


We must listen to those who serve under the only name they know, that of Jesus.

Like the women who stay behind with the broken and damaged women caught up in the sexual violence of the civil war of the DRC bringing hope and healing to those who have been robbed of everything.


That’s who I listen to and whose stories I hear and tell every day. That’s who I love to be with. I don’t have the will or the desire to listen to anyone who talks from a position of safety. Risk doesn’t need any more theorists.

Whilst that may seem far removed from you and me. We too can speak more, give more and ultimately risk more in our world.


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