Acts 16:5 “So the churches were strengthened in the faith and grew daily in numbers.”

There are times when I am weak through living this life and weakened by others who live in this life.

In fact as I get older I seem to acknowledge how weak I am more often.

Weakened by questions, doubt, fear and the stupidity of life.

Weakened by disappointment, isolation, loss and the unfairness of life.

Weakened by tears, pain, hopelessness and the emptiness of life.

My weaknesses become greater rather than smaller. Weakness is all around me. I am small, slow and soft. Everyone wants a man to be big, fast and tough.

So I sit here weak, waiting for someone to come and make me strong.

Is this you? Have I described you correctly? Hold on.

Your strength will come to you. God is seeing to it.

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