God still intervenes today: the guidance of God part 1

God still intervenes today: the guidance of God part 1

Acts 16:6 “Paul and his companions travelled throughout the region of Phrygia and Galatia, having been kept by the Holy Spirit from preaching the word in the province of Asia.”


I have just heard the news of the terrible attack in London where a man has driven his car into people and killed a policeman and injured many. At the same time I see on facebook many people bringing assurances to friends and relatives that they are thanking God they are alive and well. What a relief it must be if you were caught up in it but survived to be an eyewitness. I am sure there are many today saying, “I normally walk across that bridge but I decided not to yesterday.” Some will even give glory to God as the one who kept them from disaster without being able to offer an explanation for those who were not kept from it.

Why does God heal some but not others? Why does God step in to protect and at other times He doesn’t seem to appear? Why does God speak and at other times He is silent?

I have absolutely no answers to those questions and I am relieved I don’t credit myself with such divine wisdom to hazard a guess. In fact I seem to have more questions than answers as I get older.

But this is what I hold on to: through the ups and downs of this life it can be easy to think that we are alone trying to find our path down here. However nothing can be further from the truth when you are a child of God. God still speaks today. He will step into our lives to recalibrate our lives. Not all the time. But He will. For the purpose which is far higher than we would ever know on earth.

It was the most natural thing for this missions team from where they were to look south-west along a famous Roman road called the via Sebaste toward Asia. Surely this is the way to take.

But the natural choice was the wrong choice.

Our mind is small. Our best thoughts are small. We are small.

Let me reiterate again. One thing I believe: The Holy Spirit stepped in and kept them from carrying out their decision. He still does. He still steps in. He still speaks.

The Holy Spirit will speak to us generally speaking in 4 ways:

  1. the Bible.
  2. through experience.
  3. through supernatural means – an audible voice; an audible voice to you alone; an internal audible voice:the voice of angels
  4. through natural means – dreams and visions; an impression; people.

You may have gone through a dark valley and God may have been silent. But we are reminded today God still speaks. He still steps into situations and He can move into your context and reorganise your steps.

I choose to believe this even when the circumstances of life challenge my belief. Amen!

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