Nothing can stop the gospel

Nothing can stop the gospel

Acts 16:30 He then brought them out and asked, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?”


This Easter Sunday I pray for the Elim churches reaching the Fulani people. It is very difficult to spread the gospel amongst these people, the people walk in darkness, but the gospel is spread! One of our church planters will baptise 4 Fulanis today and the prayer of the church will be the same: that they be a good witness of Christ, that the gospel will spread even more. Last night one church planter texted me this: “Our nearest Fulani neighbours asked about our celebration but they aren’t believers. The wives are interested but one was beaten after they came to our Christmas celebration. She told me again yesterday that she wants to hear the sweet news, but I have to be cautious with their family. I had a small opportunity yesterday to share about Christ’s death and resurrection. Pray for more opportunities.”

Nothing can stop the gospel shining through.

Put the gospel on a cross and let thick darkness come all around and it will shine through!

Put the gospel in the darkness of a tomb and roll a huge boulder over its entrance and it will shine through!

Put the gospel in the darkness of an inner cell in a secure jail and it will sing hymns at midnight and shine its message of light to the prisoners already there.

And presumably, put the gospel under a life-or-death outcome of the jailer himself and it will continue to do its powerful work.

You see the prison doors did not fly open that night to get Paul and Silas out. They flung open so that all those who were in, including the jailer, would have an opportunity for salvation.

The stone didn’t roll away so that Jesus could be free. The stone rolled away so that mankind could realise that the gospel is not encased in a tomb of decaying bones.

The aim of the gospel is to get every human being to the point of asking a simple question: what must I do?

Whether the jailer of a bust jail or standing in an empty tomb or a Muslim witnessing the love of Christ, what must I do?

An expert of the Jewish law asked Jesus that question which led to the parable of the Good Samaritan.

The rich man asked Jesus that question and ended up very sad as he faced the task of selling all he had to give to the poor.

The early church grew at a fast rate because the crowd asked that question after Peter’s Pentecost sermon.

May today herald a global move of people asking that one question, ‘what must I do to be saved?’ May it happen in the church service you attend!

For nothing can stop the gospel.

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