The response to the gospel is simple

The response to the gospel is simple

Acts 16:31 “They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household.”

The jailer asked them for something to do and their reply was ‘pisteuson’. Luke uses the word previously when Jairus was told to do the same thing over the announced death of his daughter. Jairus, only believe. Jailer, only believe. There is nothing to do, only believe. I had many texts yesterday of accounts of people from around the globe doing just that! On Easter Sunday they found that Jesus had done it all! I was in my church and saw many run to the front announcing that they now believe.

The jailer had addressed them as ‘Kyiori’ which in English means sirs, masters or lords and they reply saying there is only one Kyiori, it is Jesus. Immediately the focus is clear as it always has been. It is not about the Missions team, the church or dealing with the situation that is important. It is Jesus, He is everything.  He is the sir, the master, our Lord.

The jailer had given a sigh of relief. He thought he was saved because his prisoners were still in the prison. But that was an earthly, momentary salvation, it wasn’t eternal. He had heard of Jesus in their hymn singing and their gospel presentations to the other prisoners, he knew there was another, higher, deeper and far more reaching salvation and he didn’t have it. They promise him, ‘you will be saved’. Believe, trust, cling on to Jesus and you will be saved. Grace alone. The jailer was being told that in this prison of power, of sentence, of penalty, of the condemnation of man here and now he could be saved. The environment was indicative of the nature of the jailers own soul and condition before God but he could be saved from this, he could be lifted out from this because of Jesus.

The jailer is being instructed what to do next. He asked about what he must do ‘to be saved’. The reply was not only about him but about his place of influence, his household. They too will be saved. How? The answer is obvious, through him speaking to them, shaping them, influencing them as he always did as the sir, the master, the lord of the house.

This is the simplicity of the response to the gospel:

Your task: Believe in the Lord Jesus.

God’s task: He saves you.

Your task: Influence others to copy you.

Simple and refreshingly so!

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