The gospel is strange to those who hear it for the first time.

The gospel is strange to those who hear it for the first time.
Acts 17:20 “You are bringing some strange ideas to our ears, and we want to know what they mean.”

The gospel is strange to those who have never heard it. The Amplified version adds the word ‘startling’ as well as strange. 
The Message helps us to understand what was being said by, “This is a new one on us ….” I particularly like that!

This startling, strange gospel is a new one to many around the world and the stories are amazing when people ask the church planter and evangelist for further meaning! 
His name is Aung Tin, an old man and he has never heard of the Gospel before but has tried other religions and spiritism as well. 
One day one of ELIMs church planters in a nation where only 4% are Christian visited his village. The church planter shared the gospel and during his talk the old man interrupted the presentation saying “I have waited to hear of this gospel and i should have heard of this before, why haven’t I heard earlier?”

The Church planter tried to calm him down but he would not be calmed until he got what he wanted and that was baptism! 

He was baptised and insisted that the Church planter went back to the village to preach the gospel to others. When the gospel was preached there was another baptism of 8 new believers! 

“Why haven’t I heard before?” Is a challenging question and there are still many today asking that question. Our church planter in Asia is certainly doing what he can to hear that question more and more. 
May we all copy him wherever we may be.

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