The new old gospel

The new old gospel
Acts 17:21 “(All the Athenians and the foreigners who lived there spent their time doing nothing but talking about and listening to the latest ideas.)”
All day just discussing the latest ideas. 

Today it is the same. There are so many social media to check and then various messenger services. We are throughout the day bombarded with thoughts, opinions and ideas. Most of these not from ourselves

It has taken over our lives. We will never return. On top of this in our generation these new ideas come quick. No sooner are they here than a new idea is being developed.
For the Athenians and the foreigners, this way of life was conducive to the gospel that Paul was declaring. They were open to hear, they wanted to hear and Paul was more than happy to share.
Of course it wasn’t a new idea. The idea of the gospel is as old as time itself. It is an old gospel. There are no new ideas. But for those who hear it as a revelation to their heart it is brand new. 
In all of the information we share and receive may we never forget the old new gospel is as powerful today as it has ever been and people need to hear it more than ever.

The world is waiting for a new message, let us then give them the old gospel.

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