The courtroom is clear!

The courtroom is clear!

Acts 18:16 “So he drove them off.”

Gallio had heard enough and he cleared his courtroom of these Jews who were bringing their accusation against Paul.

The accuser of your soul will keep trying to bring you to the court of justice before God.

He will not let go of your past. He has a record of every event in your life, underlines your failings, he highlights your sins. He reminds you of these things you want to forget. He is the accuser of the present: “Call yourself a Christian?!” He is the accuser of your future: “You’re a loser, a failure, you will never accomplish anything!”

But friends the truth is just like Gallio kicked out the Jews, Jesus has dealt a blow to the accuser!

Jesus, is your refuge, He is the Word of God who is living, active, sharper than any double-edged sword. His blood has freed us from all our sins (Rev 1:5).

The courtroom is cleared, can you hear the announcement?

I am reminded of the story of the Japanese soldier on Guam who stayed in hiding until 1972 because he could not believe the good news of peace. The war was over in 1945 but he could not believe Japan would have surrendered.

Who are you going to believe?

You will behave what you believe.

You will believe what you listen to the most.

The accuser is out to destroy you. He will remind you continuously of how disqualified you are.

And yet our Lord Jesus has driven him off!

The courtroom is clear!

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