Avoid a beating

Avoid a beating


Acts 18: 17 “Then the crowd there turned on Sosthenes the synagogue leader and beat him in front of the proconsul; and Gallio showed no concern whatever.”

Sosthenes had taken over as the Jewish leader from Crispus and was one of the many who had brought the accusation of Paul to Gallio.

Gallio drives them all out of the court and there on the streets the anti-semitists jump on him and it all becomes a very sad day.

The measure you use will be measured against you.

If you are an accuser, trying to bring people down, if you are a divider amongst people, you may feel justified it matters not, there will come a day when all that you heaped on others will be heaped upon you.

How you treat people really does matter.

It matters obviously for the person you deal with.

But it matters to your own destiny too.

As you know in these daily blogs I am very honest and at times vulnerable. I say this to qualify what I am about to write as I do not want to appear I have all this perfected. There are many times that through my tiredness and lack of thought I have not dealt with someone in the way I should have done.

However, yesterday I received an email about a matter. It was an email full of anxiety and stress about a certain situation:

“……Please forgive me…. I will not blame you if you feel my credibility is in question now…. “

I replied immediately, “Be at peace … It was a genuine mistake which you will rectify …But thank you for how you have expressed yourself in this email …Be at peace and be blessed”

It was so easy to write that. Being nice is easy. Being gracious costs but it is not complicated.

The persons response was delightful, free, forgiven and happy!

Today I can walk confidently in that if I get beaten up it won’t be as a result of me beating someone else up. I am using the correct measures. I am doing it for others and I am doing it for myself.

Sometimes you can avoid being beaten up.

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